Thursday, May 10, 2012

What About Those Free Government Grant Programs. True?

Yes, it really is true. The government gives away a huge amount of money each and every year; money that never has to be paid back. This money is awarded mainly via different types of grants. It's also true that a large amount of this money, which should be distributed, goes unclaimed. The reason is most people are not aware of these programs directed toward individual citizens. Or, if they do know, haven't a clue as to how to go about finding and applying for these grants.

So, how can the average person go about receiving this free government money? Well, to begin with, the process requires a little effort up front. Remember, these are not general government entitlements, but rather federal grants that fund a host of different money needs. They fall into several categories...

Project Grants: There are many Project Grants available to citizens and organizations that will fund specific projects the government deems important. You commit to the project, receive funding and of course, you must complete it.

Direct Payment/Unrestricted Use: Another kind of subsidy the government grants is known as a "direct payment with unrestricted use". If you qualify, you can use this grant money more or less how you want. There are many types of these money grants. Although the amounts vary, there is no obligation to repay or to carry out a task. This is the category that appeals to most grant seekers and might be your best bet, if you know where and how to apply.

Private Foundations: Thousands of private foundations, for a variety of reasons, grant money to individuals and organizations. People looking to start their own business, get a college education, pursue a second career, have particular needs receive grants from these foundations. This is the other major category that you can mine for grant money. As always, knowing where to look is half the battle.

Educational Grants: These do not have to be repaid. There are two types of federal educ. grants... Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grants (FSEOG).

Small Business Administration: There are government grants that are available for small business owners. While not the easiest to get, they could make the difference between you actually creating your business or just daydreaming about it.

Maybe the smartest thing you can do for yourself and your family, is to spend some time learning how to locate and apply for these grants. It could change your life. Third party grant assistance companies that offer software & access to databases of available grants can speed up the process.

Hundreds of millions go unclaimed each year, so plan now to explore the possibilities... After all, it's your money!

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