Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Want To Play The Stock Market Game?

"What stock market game should I play?" one might be wondering. In that, one would not be alone. Some version of the game is played every day, by hundreds of people. These are games that simulate the actions of the real stock market, so that people can play them with a freedom to practice, not having to risk money that is real. Once they have it down, they can move on to the real thing. There are two main styles of games: fantasy simulators and financial simulators. One stock market game is the fantasy simulator, while the other style is the financial simulator; these are the main two styles that exist.
A financial simulator makes use of fake money and lets the player invest it in stocks that are real, so that they can get a feel for what the real market does -- and so that they can see how they would have done had they invested their own savings. The games are delayed by around twenty minutes from the actual stock market, as they can then mirror what is truly happening without giving an illegal edge to anyone using real money. Fantasy simulators allow people to trade in shares of things that they cannot, in a real world setting, buy shares in. Some of these let people buy shares in sports, for example. This lets sports fanatics have fun, whether they love football or baseball.
One excellent program for playing, if one is interested is testing out the market with no risk, is the Young Money Stock Market Game. One must be a member of the Young Money website in order to play, but membership in the site is also free, so that is no hurdle. The player must join the Young Money website in order to play, but site membership is also free. The amount of fake money given out when one begins to play is one million dollars. This can then be invested in the stocks of one's choice, which can be traded around in a real-time simulation that is just like the actual stock market.
The game features a number of different screens. There is a Contests Screen, as there are contests in the program that one can participate in. The next is the Watchlist Screen, which one uses to keep a close eye on the rising and falling of the stocks one likes. After that comes the Stock Screen, showing the overall market trends. The Trade Screen is where one can move the purchased stocks around to make money, to build on that one million dollars.
The game costs nothing and can be very educational, and so all people should try it out before trying the real thing.

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