Sunday, June 17, 2012

Get Married On A Cash Advance

So you're in love. You've already proposed that was charming. And yet, what's holding you off? You've not even set a wedding date yet! In a world that's wedding-struck and wedding-obsessed, a lot of people choose not to go through with the ceremony because of cash shortage. That's a shame. For many couples, the ritual actually is still quite meaningful. So, if it's just money that's holding you back, a secret wedding on cash advance might be your most romantic get-married-today option yet!

Secret Wedding: A Practical and Romantic Option

Most people have heard of secret marriages but a secret wedding? Believe it or not, though, a secret wedding is far more possible than a secret marriage. You see, the term 'secret marriage' is a misnomer. Marriages are never secrets because your marriage certificate is a public document. Only the 15-minute ceremony can be a secret hence the term, 'secret wedding'. So, in light of your deepest, most passionate desire to wed the woman of your dreams, why is a secret wedding a practical and romantic option?

1. It's doable with a cash advance and that's probably the clincher here. A secret wedding, being a quickie arrangement and so hush-hush at that, is also easy on the pocket. Much of today's wedding costs go to receptions to feed a bunch of people neither of you actually credit for the success of the relationship. Take all the hype, all the drama about finding the right caterer and you will find you can actually have a memorable wedding day with a couple of close friends as sponsors and not spend a dime more than a one-time payday advance

2. It has the you-and-me-against-the-world kind of thrill. The fact of it being a secret from people you intimately know except the handful you choose to help you with the planning gives you both a rush. The two of you might even feel like star-crossed lovers fighting for a love no one in the world believes in. Thinking Shakespeare? Let's hope your cash advance-financed secret wedding does not end in tragedy. That is definitely not romantic and is a huge waste of cash, at that!

3. It's trial by fire. Like gold tested by fire and made pure, your love goes through a trial by fire during the planning stages of your secret wedding. Payday loans in Ontario may be a common thing, but there's definitely no guarantee for approval. So, if you do get approved for a cash advance, consider that a leap towards making your romantic big day a reality. Keeping the plans a secret is another test. Especially for the bride to be, the excitement is almost too impossible to keep. As the day approaches, the bride will most likely be tempted to spill her guts. But tell her to hold it. If she tells, you'll have to invite the tribe to your wedding. Your meager cash advance budget won't be enough then.

See, getting married on a budget is not without its appeal. It's just a matter of perspective and making it into something you and your loved one could cherish for a lifetime. It's definitely possible with a cash advance.

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