Monday, June 25, 2012

Selecting Magazines For A Dental Office

Dental Assistants are very wise people and this is especially true when they go about their duties in selecting magazines for a dental office that they work in several days a week. They know that the people who come to their office are very apprehensive about seeing a dentist and sometimes need a good diversion to keep their mind occupied while they are waiting to be called into the back.

Many dental patients begin to feel very relaxed when they see magazines that have good articles in them. Dental Assistants know this and when selecting magazines for a dental office, they make calm choices such as Reader's Digest, Fish & Stream, or Time Magazine. These magazines will generally contain informative articles that make people feel that the time they had to wait in the dentist's waiting areas was used to learn something.

Selecting magazines for a dental office might be easy because some dentist's will bring the magazines from home. Of course, they will always darken their home addresses but everyone in the office knows where they came from. The dentist might not realize that he is giving his patient's a preview into his personal life and they now know what his personal preferences are inclined toward by the magazines that he reads.

The dentist in turn, gets to find out a little bit about his patients too. By carefully selecting magazines for a dental office to use, he has established a benchmark to gauge his patient's personal interests. If they choose the magazines on finance over the ones that cover the latest computer programs then he has a good idea on how they would feel about an increase in rates at the end of the quarter.

The dentist will also know whether his patient has any moral values too. Some patients will take some of his magazines home to read without asking and then they will suddenly reappear when the patient returns for their next check-up. While borrowing is not really stealing, there is a value involved and some dentists will bill their patient's for magazines that are removed from their buildings.

When this occurs, the patients are very cautious about selecting magazines for a dental office visit, and some patients, after word has gotten round will choose to totally ignore all of the magazines in the waiting room. Some might feel very tense indeed by the time they reach the back room. The Dental Assistant will probably not have to worry about selecting magazines for a dental office waiting room for quite a while after the billing occurs.

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