Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Always Someone Is Indebted To Someone

I have been in business for quite a few years and from both experience and my education, I have learned the following truth. Someone is always indebted to someone. What I mean by this is that some people take the higher ground whenever they can with the people they are dealing with which in turn gives them much more influence in the universe. The following will explain.

You might be able to equate to this yourself. Do you ever feel sometimes that you have more control over one person but you feel you have absolutely no control over another person (that you can't influence them). Well I have because sometimes a person feels indebted to me but others, I feel indebted to other people. What you want in life is to take the higher ground and have many people feel indebted to you. This will dramatically increase your influence in the world which in turn will ensure your success.

Let me describe the above with an example. Just say I'm a sales manager and I have 2 customers. They both buy at the same time and they have 30 days credit each. When I ring 30 days later, there are two completely different responses from the two customers. One feels nervous, knows that his credit has expired and talks to me politely saying that the check will be in the post tomorrow. I get the feeling that he feels indebted to me and wants to pay his bill in an orderly fashion. The other thought immediately tries to take the higher ground by saying "Jack, I'm waiting for a few checks and once I get them, you will be paid. Also I will have another project for hopefully next month". With that one line, he has attempted to influence me and in doing so not pay his bill on time. This happens a lot in business. One will attempt to take the higher ground and once you give it, you will be indebted to him to infinity. He will essentially hold power over you.

Now lets take this a bit further. Just say that second customer has 200 suppliers and he adopts the same attitude as he did with me and succeeds. Look at his influence!. He will pay them when HE wants not when they want. That's very important and if you missed the point, I suggest you re-read what I have said. So as you learn from this, remember the following. Never give up the high ground without a good fight. Its the people who have influence in our world have the most success. If you succumb to peoples demands, people wont have respect for you and treat you accordingly. Always remember this when you are in business and money is involved. YOU take the higher ground. YOU make your opponent become indebted to you and you will win and win big

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